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The hurricane force winds destroyed several glass houses and buildings and left two people dead in the south of the county.
The hurricane force winds destroyed several glass houses and buildings and left two people dead in the south of the county.
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Pages from the Past

45 years ago…1966

SHE was too young to know it, but this baby made her entrance into the world at exactly the right time. She is Sandra Jean Locke, daughter of Barbara Locke, Main Road, Quadring. She was born at 12.05am on New Year’s Day and won The Standard’s competition for the first New Year baby. Sandra won a premium bond.

WHILE holidaying near Barton-on-Trent, Boston High School pupil Katherine Mableson, of Linden Way, had a remarkable escape when she was thrown from a runaway horse as it jumped a spiked fence. She was trapped by her head which jammed between the railings. It took four men to free Katherine who was knocked unconscious by the fall.

THERE was revelry at Boston’s Five Lamps as the New Year dawned – but there was no trouble. This was the first time for years that the turn of the year had not been accompanied by assault and arrest. In a front page article the previous week, The Standard had called for an end to the traditional pitched battles between hooligans and police – which always ended up with a number of youths appearing in court.

PASSING motorists came to the aid of 10 stranded bus passengers at Wrangle after the Skegness to Boston bus left the road and run into a dyke.

None of the passengers were injured but the driver, from Old Leake, received slight cuts. The passengers were given lifts by passing motorist before the special relief bus could be sent out.

35 years ago…1976

HURRICANE force winds left a trail of destruction running into hundreds of thousands of pounds across south Lincolnshire.

Although no-one was reportedly hurt in the Boston area, two men died in the south of the county. Police, inundated with calls, said the gales were the worst they had ever known, while the Electricity Board called the situation ‘absolute havoc’. Several drivers had ‘near misses’ as electricity poles and trees crashed on the roads. One man died at Gedney Hill after he was hit by a garage roof caught by the wind, another died when his car hit a tree in the road at Crowland. Ten thousand households were without electricity for the weekend as power lines came down. Numerous buildings and glass houses were flattened and a garage at Cowbridge was lifted over a hedge, across a road, and dumped in the Maud Foster Drain.

A MAN trapped on Kirton Marsh by the exceptionally high tide was rescued by an RAF helicopter. Barry Stubley, 30, of West Pinchbeck, was trapped for about two hours in waist-deep water.

His wife raised the alarm when he failed to come home from a wildfowling expedition. He was found by police and airlifted to hospital suffering from exposure, but later allowed home.

A SAVAGE case of ‘sheep-worrying’ by dogs prompted an Algarkirk shepherd to warn the public not to let their dogs run loose. A few days before Christmas, two dogs were seen attacking a 10-month-old lamb in a field at Hubberts Bridge. Walter Nichol said: “The public do not appreciate what sheep worrying really means.”

25 years ago…1985

THE freezing weather resulted in a spate of accidents on the roads – but none were more serious than the one on the A17 at Fosdyke.

Amazingly, no-one was seriously injured as six vehicles piled up and blocked the road for five hours. Three lorries, a van and two cars were involved – some left the road and ended up down an embankment. One lorry driver sustained cuts to his hands and face and one woman suffered a broken ankle.

A BOSTON family was in for a very happy New Year after winning £50,000 on the Mirror Bingo. Twenty-one-year-old John Kenny and sister Ann, 27, called house after ticking off the last number in the game. They called the newspaper and were told they had won. The siblings, of Skirbeck Road, planned to share their winnings with their parents. “It hasn’t sunk in yet,” said John.

COUNCILLORS were keen for something to be done quickly about an ‘extremely dangerous’ roundabout on Spilsby Road, where a young motorcyclist was killed four months previously.

Residents’ anxiety over the safety of the new island which linked Spilsby Road with Freiston Road and Willoughby Road, was highlighted. Drivers seemed confused about whose right of way it was and Coun Dr John Wallis said before long there would be another fatality.