Teens: ‘Vandal-hit skate park should be moved’

Skate Park, Skirbeck Road, Boston.
Skate Park, Skirbeck Road, Boston.

Teenagers have told councillors they may be wasting money on a skate park which has suffered a spate of vandalism at its current location.

Three young skaters told members of the Boston Town Area Committee that the current location of St John’s skate park would continue to attract anti-social behaviour, including drug users, as it was out of the way, poorly lit and had no CCTV coverage.

One skater Zack Jaconelli said: “Where it is at the moment, it’s going to get vandalised .”

They suggested it might be better placed elsewhere, such as Central Park, and pointed out the benefits it would give.

Another skater Sid Martin said: “It’ll be a place to go rather than going round town and getting hassled for skateboarding.”

However, councillors said they were worried placing the project in Central Park could attract anti-social behaviour there.

The skatepark has £20,000 funding set aside from BTAC and £14,000 from WREN. However only £3,000 of this has so far been spent on graffiti boards, which were vandalised and repaired three times.

One suggestion from Derek Richmond was to rebuild the ramps with brickwork, to stop people getting underneath, while Coun Elliott Fountain suggested moving the ramps to an indoor area in the old Fogarty’s building.

The latter suggestion was met with enthusiasm by the skaters, who added that if that option was chosen the council would be able to use wooden ramps and save money.

PC Martyn Chambers said there had been no reports of drug users in the park, and urged anyone who saw such to report it to police.

A decision was made to create a subcommittee to look at more detailed plans.