Ten years ago ... Boston’s bonniest baby

Asda, Boston, 10 years ago.
Asda, Boston, 10 years ago.

Pictured are some of the prize-winners in two charity baby competitions run by Asda 10 years ago.

Peter Norton, of Norton Photography, took pictures in store to help raise £1,500 for Asda charity Pedal Power.

In the August competition, the winner was Amy Louise Simmons, of Leverton, while Nicole Alder, of Boston, was second.

In September, Fynley Waters, of Boston, was crowned the winner and Jasmine Brader was second.

The winners received a photoshoot with Little Devils Portraits, while the runners-up were given a £20 voucher to spend on George clothing.

Pictured, from left, are Asda events co-ordinator Jenny Sidwells, Joanne Simmons with Amy-Louise Simmons, Lydia Brader with Jasmine Brader, and Charlotte Moore with Nicole Alder.