£1 million Lottery group looks to get back on track


The people behind Boston’s £1 million lottery fund have started to look at the way forward following the bombshell resignation of their paid figurehead.

A closed meeting of the Boston Big Local group, led by Big Local Trust representative Bill Badham, met recently to examine progress and how best to move forward.

There was some confusion however, regarding what the meeting was about, with some members expecting answers to concerns they had raised to Renaisi – the organisation that recruits reps on behalf of Local Trust.

Mr Badham explained this was not the case, however, after several members said if answers were not given they would walk out, he said he would look at the concerns ‘as a rep’ rather than ‘as a complaints officer’.

He explained that there was ‘no pressure’ to have every thing done by June as some feared and that groups should feel comfortable with what they had done before making decisions.

Rachel Lauberts, the former paid facilitator, resigned from her post recently following a dispute is over the way consultation had been handled.

Members had also made complaints about Big Local’s Ivan Annibal, claiming he had not recognised local residents’ concerns about the perceived lack of community engagement in Boston nor the feeling that some residents have of being rushed to prepare the Big Local plan by June.

A smaller ‘core’ group of residents will now meet behind closed doors on Thursday, May 29, to discuss what the best next step is and how to move forward.

The £1 million lottery money was given to Boston to be used by residents in the Big Local area to make a lasting positive difference to communities.

It cannot be used for things that fall within the responsibility of the authorities.