£100k grant will help deliver Boston ‘youth nights’


A new project aiming to deliver youth nights to young people in Boston has been launched thanks to a grant of almost £100,000.

United in the Community launched Pilgrim Goalz at Focus One Youth Centre, in Mill Road, on Monday thanks to funding of £98, 291 from Children in Need.

The main aim of the project is to deliver youth nights for 11 -18 year-olds to help increase physical activities outside of school time and to provide a safe place to socialise with their peers.

The sessions will run every week from 6-8pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings and will cost just £1 a session.

“We previously held a youth night on Monday, but since receiving the funding from Children in Need, we have been able to create Pilgrim Goalz, offering a safe environment for young people three nights a week,” said Lewis Wright, inclusion officer at United in the Community.

“Two of the youth nights will be focused on sports so young people can get involved with various activities and games like football, basketball, cricket, netball and more.”

The other session will be focused on helping young people achieve life-long skills such as reducing crime, drug and alcohol awareness, and sexual health.

There will also be opportunities to obtain leadership qualifications and receive support to improve their education and skills, and to participate in fun workshops like DJ skills and arts and crafts.

United in the Community will also offer holiday clubs at the youth centre during school holidays and give young people the opportunity to take part in fun days to places like Alton Towers.

l If you’d like to join the Pilgrim Goalz project, contact Lewis Wright on 01205 364406. Alternatively email him on lewis.wright@bufc.co.uk to request a parental consent form.