2013 REVIEW: January - murder trial, potholes and snow

Snowy scene in Boston.
Snowy scene in Boston.

The year began with the trial of Stephen Sleaford, who was accused of the murder of Janusz Smoderek.

During the trial Sleaford said he had stopped Mr Smoderek from ‘molesting’ a woman but had not killed him. However, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court found him guilty of murdering him as ‘punishment’ and he was handed a life sentence.

January 23 front page.

January 23 front page.

○ The state of the roads was driving residents potty and the Standard highlighted a number of the worst potholes in the borough.

Lincolnshire County Council said all people had to do was report them to get them fixed – so we handed over our list.

○ A winter wonderland descended on Boston covering the town in a blanket of white and causing traffic problems.

However, people were also enjoying the winter weather and sent their pictures of the town in.

The picture above was taken by our photographer David Dawson.

○ Traders faced a difficult start to 2013, with two major chains with shops in the town going into administration in one week.

Photography chain Jessops closed its Wide Bargate shop, while HMV announced it would be going into administration, putting the Boston store at risk. The Pescod Square branch was eventually one of those chosen to close.