£50k grant for new town signs

Dolphin Lane's traditional street sign in Boston
Dolphin Lane's traditional street sign in Boston

Boston is to get £50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for new direction and information signs.

Supported by match-funding from Boston Borough Council (BBC) and Lincolnshire County Council (LCC), the project will improve existing town centre signage to guide people around the are and tell stories about its history.

The project will maximise the use of existing fingerposts, deliver new signs and establish a cohesive look and feel in an aim to ‘help to illustrate the town’s special character’.

Coun Yvonne Gunter, portfolio holder for leisure, parks and open spaces, said: “Boston has a big story to tell and we want to do all we can do to better tell that story. Some aspects of the Boston story signpost themselves, Boston Stump for instance, but there is lots more to learn about the town’s history and heritage.

“This will be used to improve signage to better inform and direct resident and visitors - whether they are here to shop or here for the history and heritage. And the work will set the benchmark for future signage, ensuring a consistent approach which will give extra confidence to those who may not know the area very well or are unfamiliar with its history.”

Coun Colin Davie, LCC’s executive member for economic development, said: “Boston has a lot to offer to visitors, with beautiful architecture and a history to match. Better signage will help visitors to appreciate all that the town has to offer.”

New maps, incorporating character and retail/business zones will also be installed.

The project is aimed at encouraging people to engage with the town’s cultural and historic offerings, as well as its retail and visitor economy.

The council will be working with Heritage Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce to run consultation events and campaigns to involve all interested parties in the project.

The aim is to devise a comprehensive interpretation scheme for the town, which can be developed and added to over time.

A spokesman for the borough council added: “All signage developed in the future will have the same consistency including beyond the bounds of the town to, for example, Havenside Country Park and the Pilgrim Fathers Memorial site where the brand could start to tell allied tales of the natural environment alongside its historic stories.”