58 border force raids in Boston since 2009


Immigration enforcement teams have carried out 58 raids across the Boston area since April 2009.

The figures were released to The Standard following a Freedom of Information request to the Home Office.

Some 26 people were also arrested as part of the enforcement visits carried out at business premises and home addresses in the borough.

The Home Office was unable to tell us the outcomes of those 26 people or details of their countries of origin – due to such information not being recorded ‘at a local level’.

In December, The Standard published an article about seven suspected illegal immigrants found hiding in a Spanish lorry bound for Boston.

This was the fourth such incident in just seven months.

Information was also requested from the Home Office about how many suspected illegal immigrants had been detained after entering the UK via Boston docks or the Lincolnshire coast.

However, the Home Office has ruled that such information was ‘exempt from disclosure’ as it could ‘prejudice the operations of immigration controls’.