£60k funding for CCTV and equipment revamp


Councillors have earmarked £60,000 to provide CCTV cover for play areas and bring equipment up to scratch.

Boston Town Area Committee has agreed to give around £30,000 funding towards CCTV, over a four-year period at Garfits Lane, Woodville Road, Shelton’s Field, Burgess Pit Playing Field and near the London Road community hub.

They also agreed toabout £30,300 funding to refurbish and renew play equipment at the recreational areas.

Modernisation of the play equipment in the Garfits Lane play area will also benefit from a £75,000 grant from WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental Limited)

A bid has also been submitted to the Boston Big Local to renovate the existing basketball hoop on the Woodville Road site.

A request was also received from the Friends of Witham Way Country Park asking if the committee could increase its donation to cover the cost of the hire of a portable toilet to enable volunteers from North Sea Camp to do essential work.

The committee agreed to increase its annual grant to the Friends of Witham Way Country Park for this purpose from £600 to £750 to extend the hire period which had been May to September to April until the end of September or even early October, allowing volunteers to extend the period of their work.

BTAC made the recommendations at a meeting on Wednesday.