A bigger, better group to improve community

Placecheck groups
Placecheck groups

Two community groups that aim to boost Boston’s trouble-spots have joined forces to form one bigger, stronger panel.

At a joint meeting, the members of the Witham Central and Carlton Road Placecheck groups agreed the two should merge as one, taking advantage of the larger pool of volunteers and enabling the funds of both groups to be combined.

This single group will cover an area including Carlton Road, Brothertoft Road, Fydell Road, Argyle Streetm Haven Bank to North Street and Haven Bridge Road.

South Lincs Community Voluntary Service’s Mandy Exley, who is one of the overseers of the Placecheck scheme said the merge came about following the chair of the Carlton Road group leaving the area.

She said that as there were a low number of volunteers the option of combining with the Witham group, which was close to the Carlton Road one, was considered and taken up.

She said: “Calton Road came to Witham Central’s last meeting to discuss the benefits and how that would work.

“They looked at all angles and thought it would be very beneficial and so it was decided.

“It will basically have a louder voice, it’s a stronger group now.”

Placecheck groups are a neighbourhood engagement programme which aims to get people involved in their community and work more closely.

They communicate with agencies and use any funds available to target and improve problem areas.