A boost for cancer treatment charity

The Detection of Cancer and Treatment Equipment Fund (DOCATEF) group has been given a booost of £500 by a Boston Freemasons lodge.

DOCATEF chairman Graham Rodwell voiced his thanks to the Lodge of Harmony for their donation at a meeting last week.

DOCATEF was the designated charity of worshipful master Brian Hazlewood during his year of office.

He was accompanied at the meeting by Fred Clarke, the lodge charity steward.

The trustees of DOCATEF, which has now raised more than £800,000 for treatment of cancer at Pilgrim Hospital, said they are most grateful for all the generous donations from local organisations and individuals.

The money is given from the new Provincial Benevolent Fund and gives away £68,000 each year to new masonic charities and good causes.

The money was presented from Brian Hazelwood to GrahamRodwell and Fred Clarke at the meeting.