A chocolate soufflé which will rise to the occasion

White chocolate and orange iced souffl�. NA
White chocolate and orange iced souffl�. NA

This week our culinary delight comes from Paul Topliss, head chef at The Mill.

White chocolate and orange iced soufflé


l 8 egg yolks

l 9.5 oz caster sugar

l 1 leaf of gelatine

l 1 orange – zested and juiced

l 2.5 oz white chocolate

l 4 egg whites

l 7.5 fl oz of double cream


l Heat the egg yolks and 2.5 oz of the caster sugar over a bain marie until they hold a figure of eight.

l Soak gelatine in cold water until soft.

l Mix in to the warm egg yolk mix until dissolved, cool the mixture.

l Melt white chocolate and add the orange juice and zest, mix this into the cooled egg yolk mixture.

l Whip egg whites and 5 oz caster sugar until it forms firm peaks.

l Whip double cream and the remaining caster sugar until firm.

l Add the double cream to the yolk mix and fold in.

l Fold in the firm egg whites gently.

l Spoon into moulds, and freeze until set.