A drier, sunnier January in town

JANUARY in Boston was much milder, drier and sunnier than expected for the month – according to the town’s weatherman Albert Kirkham.

The highest maximum temperature, on the 3rd and 11th, was 12.2C (36.1F). The lowest maximum temperature recorded on the 31st was 2.8C (37F).

On the 1st, the temperature fell no lower than 8.9C (48F) but on the 14th it was as low as -4.4C (24F). The mean maximum temperature of the month was 8.9C (47.7F) above the average 6.7C (44F) for January. The mean minimum was 2.2C (36.1F) against the average of 1.1C (34F).

The town had less rainfall than usual, with 41.5mm (1.63ins) against the average of 56mm (2.21ins) across 18 days of measurable rain. The greatest rainfall in one day came on the 20th with 8.3mm (0.33ins).

Townspeople also enjoyed 78.7 hours of sunshine in January, more than the average of 59.9 hours. The sunniest days were the 14th and the 23rd, with six hours each. There were 16 ground frosts, one day with snow/sleet and five days with no sunshine at all.