A fun reflection of how we live today

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GILBERT and Sullivan often reflected on British life in their works, and it was no different with The Mikado, which opened in 1885.

Their works were written so even 126 years on they can be tweaked to mirror modern culture.

And so it was with Boston Operatic Society’s version at Blackfriars Theatre, with references to texting, iPads and traffic cones in John Adams Way in the song As Some Day it Might Happen.

Also, the main character at one point made out to have run off to ‘somewhere called Anton’s Gowt’, the comic opera was just that - comical - and the audience found themselves laughing more often than not.

The cast did excellent work portraying their characters and interpreted the story for a modern audience.

Particular mention must be made of Trevor Fenton as Ko-Ko, he exuded energy as his character scuttled across the stage like a frightened rat.

John Carter’s voice bellowed across the stage as Pooh-Bar and he had great chemistry with the other characters.

The exceptional female vocals of the night came from Abi Kingsley-Parker and Abby Johnson (Pitti-Sing and Katisha respectively).

Both put on energetic performances and their voices filled the theatre, particularly Abby whose interaction with cast and audience drew us into her story.

All-in-all a thoroughly enjoyable night and I look forward to seeing what Boston Operatic Society do next.