A proud moment for plucky Oliver

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A FOUR-YEAR-OLD Boston boy with Type 1 diabetes has cycled six miles to raise £500 for charity.

Oliver Carr, who was diagnosed in October, 2011, raised funds for Diabetes UK by cycling at the charity’s sponsored cycle event around Rutland Water last month. He has been a keen cyclist for a year, following his dad Dan, who takes part in road racing.

“Oliver has taken his diagnosis in his stride, but as a parent it has been a whirlwind experience learning how to deal with it,” said mum Jenny Carr.

“Oliver had the classic symptoms of being very thirsty, going to the toilet a lot and losing weight.

“Luckily his diagnosis was before he became life threateningly ill.

“It is extremely important to have as early a diagnosis as possible and I’d like to encourage as many people as possible to watch Diabetes UK’s video to get Type 1 aware.

“Dan and I are very proud of Oliver’s six-mile bike ride and would like to thank everyone who supported him.”

She praised the charity for its help, diagnosis and continued support.

Joy Jones, Diabetes UK’s fundraiser in the East Midlands, said: “Everyone at Diabetes UK is so impressed by Oliver’s bike ride. “Riding six miles round Rutland Water would be an achievement for any four-year-old and Oliver has shown he is not letting his diabetes slow him down.”

l To watch the video search for ‘Type 1 diabetes aware’ in Youtube.