Addaction speaks

AN ADDICTION charity which supports those suffering with drug and alcohol problems has spoken out following a court report which appeared in last week’s Standard.

We accurately reported that the was told Addaction refused to give methadone to Ben Courtney, a long-running heroin addict, and it had provoked a violent outburst from the defendant.

In a statement, a spokesman for the charity said: “The individual named in The Standard’s story was not receiving any form of treatment from Addaction’s services.

“In addition, we feel it important to state that we would never stop a prescription for the reasons given in the story. Substitute medication, such as methadone, is often an essential part of someone’s recovery from heroin problems. Used as part of an overall package of care, methadone can contribute greatly to a person’s stability, health and wellbeing - and we would never end their prescription in such an abrupt manner.”