Ahoy there! Boat returns to town


A BOAT which left Boston for Europe more than 30 years ago has made the pilgrimage back to the town.

The Nellie and Leslie was owned by the Bagley family and used as a fishing boat in Boston for almost 50 years before it was taken to Denmark and sold.

The Nellie and Leslie with sails up at its home port in Germany.

The Nellie and Leslie with sails up at its home port in Germany.

She has now been rebuilt as a magnificent wooden sailing boat, and the crew brought her back to the town for a visit this week.

German Alexander Nurnberg, one of the owners who restored the boat, said: “When we started doing her up we said we wanted to bring her back to Boston. Time flies and we had wives and children, but last winter we said that this year we wanted to go to Boston.”

It is 30 years since Alexander and his school friends Florian Müller and Klaus Dellman bought the Nellie and Leslie as a project to make sure they stayed in touch after their studies.

They spent six years restoring her, doing most of the work themselves, and have since spent time sailing around the Baltic and other areas during their summer holidays.

Alexander said: “We fell in love with her.”

This is the first time the boat has been back since it was sold in Denmark more than 30 years ago, but not the first time the owners made the trip.

They came over when they were doing up the boat to meet former owner Ken Bagley, who helped them with some of the restoration.

Ken, who used the boat to fish pink shrimp for 26 years, said: “She was the pride of Boston. It was the biggest boat in Boston. Everybody talked about it. It was unbelievable.

“I never thought we would see her come back. I’m pleased she went back to be restored. If you’d seen her when I had her she didn’t look like this.”

Nellie and Leslie and its crew, which is made up of the three owners and their children, Max and Johannes Dellman and Martin and Vincent Nurnberg, spent five days in the town, and left on Friday morning,