Air cadet gets TV spotlight

Lottie Owens with the aircraft she flew at RAF Cranwell. Photo supplied.
Lottie Owens with the aircraft she flew at RAF Cranwell. Photo supplied.

A Boston air cadet is flying high after her first experience flying an aircraft was broadcast on national television.

Lottie Owens, 16, featured on the CBBC programme My Life, which followed her and another air cadet as they prepared for their first solo flights at RAF Cranwell

Lottie, who joined the air cadets in 2015, told The Standard: “It was a really interesting experience and it was something I thought I would never get to do.

“I was definitely nervous. I found out about it before I knew I would be doing it.”

The crew began filming with Lottie in August, she said it was a small crew and there wasn’t any pressure on her for it.

Lottie, who says she is quite shy, said it was difficult to talk to camera but said the experience helped her to build her confidence.

It was also a chance at redemption for Lottie, as she had previously backed out of a chance to fly.

“It was really scary, but it was something I didn’t see myself doing even though I was part of the air cadets.

“I’d signed up for it once before and I chickened out at the last minute - then I got this opportunity and I couldn’t turn it down.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Lottie experienced her first loop-de-loop during the flight – though she declined to do one herself.

Lottie has enjoyed being a part of the air cadets for the past two years.

She said: “It’s a really good opportunity to meet new people and learn more about the air cadets.”

141 (Boston) Sqn ATC Officer Commanding Flt Lt Leigh Withnall told the Standard: “She is a bit of a role model for the younger ones that are just joining.

“I’m looking forward to her next flight,” she added.