Allotment sheds broken into during ‘disheartening’ thefts


Allotments on Toot Lane have been subject to a series of thefts over the past week, with an amount of produce stolen and sheds broken into.

The chairman of Fishtoft Parish Council and Toot Lane Allotment Association committee member Coun Helen Staples told The Standard that, on Monday morning, it was discovered that a large amount of produce grown by the allotment holders had gone missing.

It was believed the food, which included a number of in-season produce, was stolen after 7.30pm on Sunday but before Monday morning.

Then, between 9.30-10pm last night and this morning a number of the buildings on the allotments were broken into and tools stolen from within.

Coun Staples called the incidents ‘disheartening’ and said: “People spend hours down there and take great care of their allotments. To find your shed’s been broken in to and there’s damage is not a pleasant experience.”

“Hours and hours of work goes into it. It’s fantastic excercise, you’re outside and it’s wonderful. When something like this happens though, it leaves you wondering if it’s worth it.

“If people are hungry and are taking produce because their hungry that’s fine, but I don’t think this was anything like that.”

There are 40 allotments on the site but it is unclear at this time how many have been broken into - with each allotment holder asked to check and report any damage to police.

It is understood that due to each allotment being a seperate piece of property, each holder must report seperately and cannot report the incident as a group.

Organisations including Age UK also have allotments on the site.

Lincolnshire Police said they had received several reports of break-ins to allotment buildings and an officer will be visiting the site from 5.30pm-7.30pm today (Friday) for more information.