Amazing Grace is going strong as care home night manager at the age of 71

Care home night manager Grace Suttar still going strong at the age of 71.
Care home night manager Grace Suttar still going strong at the age of 71.

Meet amazing Grace Suttar, a night manager at a Boston care home and who, at the age of 71, is still going strong - in some cases looking after younger residents.

Grace is celebrating 20 years of service with Hunters Creek care homes and currently works at the company’s complex in London Road.

And, as she explains, she has no plans to slow down, just yet.

“I love my job and if I stayed home I might crack up,” joked Grace, who is married to electrician Colin, 61, and has a step-daughter Kerry.

“I am a young 71 and although I am thinking about retiring next year I’m not sure anyone will let me because I’m part of the furniture here. I have no definite plans to give up just yet.

“I keep working because I love my job. I like the people I work with, my boss and the residents, after all a lot of them are my age or even younger. We have a laugh together.

“I’m surrounded by friends every day. Why would I want to give that up?”

Grace trained as a nurse in Harrogate and Nottingham before moving to Boston in the mid 1970s, working at the old Boston hospital before transferring to what was then the new Pilgrim Hospital.

She joined Tanglewood Care Homes in 1996 after two decades working in the NHS, initially at the company’s Toray Pines Care Home in Coningsby.

Hunters Creek manager Simon Minnican said: “Grace is hugely popular around the home with both staff and residents. She is as happy and energetic as the day she first joined the company.

“She is hard-working and well respected and has the ability to enthuse those around her with her passion for the work.”

Grace, originally from Trinidad, was presented with a pair of crystal wine glasses and £200 vouchers for her long service.