Amie’s head shave and fun day gave big boost to cancer cause

Amie Hayward.
Amie Hayward.

A beautician had her head shaved as part of a fundraising fun day that helped her total top more than £2,650 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Amie Hayward, of Kirton, saw her friend Siobhan Hall lose her battle with cancer five years ago and after witnessing her grandfather Mervyn Hayward also being treated for the disease, decided to do something to support the charity.

L-R Reece Pikett 8, Daniel Pikett 11 and Finley Pikett 5 of Kirton.

L-R Reece Pikett 8, Daniel Pikett 11 and Finley Pikett 5 of Kirton.

She said the day was ‘amazing’ and ‘went so much better than I could have imagined’.

She said: “The sun was shining, which I believe was Siobhan was watching over and the amount of people there was fantastic.

The fundraising day raised £923. Amie said the amount raised was ‘fantastic’ because her target was only £500.

The event included Amie, who works at Kirton’s Jayne Rush Hair and Beauty Salon, having her head shaved.

She said: “Having my head shaved was fine I really wasn’t fazed as I knew it was all for a good cause I was pretty shocked at how much it actually suits me.

“A lot of family and friends were very emotional and my boyfriend was absolutely amazing. Everyone is so proud and to be quite honest I am very proud of what I have achieved in six weeks.

“It’s brilliant how one person can make such a difference.”

She said she has had a lot of attention with people continuing to donate.

“I had eight Facebook friend requests just the next day,” she said

“I have been asked by many people to organise a similar day again next year as it was such a success but I don’t think I will be shaving my hair again even though I am currently enjoying the low maintenance of it and the extra sleep in the mornings.

“Everyone at work has been so supportive, staff and customers are looking forward to watching it grow back and seeing all the styles I can potentially have.”