Anger at decision to link up schools

THE deputy head teacher of a Boston school has hit out over the decision to allow Boston schools Haven High and St Bede’s Catholic Science College to merge.

Ian Widdows, deputy head teacher of the Giles Academy, in Old Leake, said the school offered its services some time ago and asked why the Diocese chose to link with the ‘third worst school’ in the league tables.

He said: “We approached Lincolnshire County Council about St Bede’s and we approached St Bede’s directly.

“We were completely rejected.

“From what I’m hearing from parents at St Bede’s this is a fait accompli.”

He said: “When we offer support not only is it rejected but it isn’t even acknowledged.”

He said this was not the first time the school had been ‘brushed aside’, but added: “We will just carry on providing the supportive education we do so well.”

Andy Breckon, assistant director of children’s services at LCC, said the Roman Catholic Diocese had chosen Haven High because of its commitment to the religious choice of parents and pupils.

He said: “The Diocese had tried looking for a school partner mirroring their Catholic status and a church school which could offer the same support but had found it was not possible.

He said: “Together with the local authority other schools were then considered.”

He said discussions with the Department for Children, Schools and Families led to Haven High and St Bede’s linking as part of a Building Schools for the Future solution.

However, when the Government axed the BSF programme, the council reappraised the situation with the Diocese. As Haven High had committed to retaining the Christian ethos of St Bede’s LCC supported this partnership which the DfE were pleased to accept.

Edward Hayes, consultant to the Diocese and education services confirmed this, and said: “We wanted to carry on the religious ethos of the school, that’s where it starts from.”

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