‘Anti-social’ teen who damaged town centre plants also pelted passers-by with food and shoplifted, says council

One of the trees snapped in two by vandals.
One of the trees snapped in two by vandals.

A teenager caught after damaging plants in the town centre, also carried out anti-social behaviour in Boston including throwing food at people and shoplifing, Boston Borough Council have confirmed.

The authority said that as part of her punishment the girl had agreed to abide by a six-month acceptable behaviour contract and ‘may’ have to carry out litter picking and weeding as part of restorative justice.

The 16-year-old was caught by the council’s anti-social behaviour officer, with the aid of Boston’s CCTV system, after vandalising planters in Boston town centre.

She was involved in an earlier incident in which trees were destroyed at St John’s Park.

With the help of partner agencies she was also revealed to be involved in other incidents of anti-social behaviour including pelting food at passers-by from a rooftop vantage and shop lifting.

The 16-year-old was seen in the presence of her mother by Boston Borough Council’s anti-social behaviour officer and presented with CCTV evidence of her misdemeanours.

A spokesman for the council said: “A teenage girl who damaged plants and engaged in other anti-social activity in Boston has agreed to abide by a six-month Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

“She will also undertake some days of restorative justice, which may involve litter picking and weeding.”

Anyone suffering from anti-social behaviour or with information about anti-social behaviour should call the anti-social behaviour team on 01205 314318.