Appeal for family information

A PENSIONER who spent time in a children’s home during her Boston childhood is appealing for information to help her learn more about her past.

Thelma Pugh, who now lives in South Wales, moved from the town when she was eight years old, after she was adopted from the home by a family in Derby.

Now she is trying to piece together information from the early years of her life – and she is hoping it will lead her to learn more about her family.

Mrs Pugh told The Standard: “I just feel that before I pop my clogs I would like to know a little bit more about my life. It seems I have a big gap.”

The 75-year-old, whose maiden name was Thelma Paul, grew up in Bell Lane, Fosdyke, was put into the children’s home in 1941 at the age of four, after her mother Eleanor, who had been a Tindall until she married Mrs Pugh’s father, died of tuberculosis.

Her older sister Pamela was taken in by an aunt, but as the woman was in poor health, she could only take one of the girls.

The children’s home was called Holly Cottage and was on Fenside Road, Mrs Pugh said. She said the memories of her time in the home were very vague, but she remembered that the 
matron was called Miss Morgan.

She added: “I can remember going down into the air raid shelter in the home and I remember standing on a chair and looking out of the window and somebody was singing happy birthday to me. It’s mostly just trivial things.

“I would like to know about Holly Cottage – what sort of a place it was, the conditions and what was the standard of education.”

She also remembered a man coming to see her, who she presumed had been her father.

After Mrs Pugh was adopted by a family in Derby, she did not see her family again.

She later found her sister, but the two have not formed a relationship, and has since learned that her father, who was called Henry Paul, was buried in a pauper’s grave in Fosdyke Cemetery.

She does not know 
where her mother was buried.

She said: “It just seems so wrong that I can’t find out where she is buried. When people ask about my father and mother there’s just a gap there.

“I would very much like to know anything about 

l Anyone who has any information about the family or about Holly Cottage can contact reporter Laura Hammond on 01205