Appeal to ‘help find my daughter’s best friend’

Lucky EMN-160109-154208001
Lucky EMN-160109-154208001

A family whose dog went missing while they were on holiday in Boston have made an emotional appeal to find the mini Yorkie who is an autistic girl’s best friend.

Claire Bowen and her family, including 16-year-old daughter Amie were on holiday with their two dogs, including Yorkie Lucky, at Westwood Lakes between August 20-27.

Lucky EMN-160109-154142001

Lucky EMN-160109-154142001

On August 25 the family, from Beccles, in Suffolk, had gone shopping and left Claire’s dad back at the cabin fishing. He let the dogs out at 1.30pm, however, as they returned to the cabin Lucky turned and bolted.

She was last seen running through the track near a ditch through Westgate Woods.

Claire said Amie had been left devastated by what had happened as the two were ‘inseperable’.

The dog had joined the family three years ago and since then Amie had trained her, taught her tricks like rolling over and sitting and took her to classes.

Lucky EMN-160109-154156001

Lucky EMN-160109-154156001

“Amie’s autistic and has mental health problems and she [Lucky] was her best friend,” said Claire.

“I can’t explain the grief she’s been through.

“It’s the not knowing as well. She’s said to me ‘if someone found her dead I’d still want to know’.”

Lucky is a fast runner and a healthy dog. She is microchipped and spayed.

According to the family she was wearing a pink collar and tag.

The family, sadly, reached the end of their holiday on Saturday, August 27, and had to return home two-and-a-half hours away without Lucky.

The family have notified authorities and kept in touch with a local dog walker, as well as contacted local rescue centres and vets.

They have also made a plea across social media for anyone with information to come forward.

They have had a huge response online with people offering to revisit the area to look for the dog.

Some have also suggested returning to the area with clothes which smell of the family - however, this is difficult for the family due to the distance involved.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the family on 07826 127520.