Appeal to remember fallen Lancaster crew near Boston is launched

The Memorial in the Field at Sibsey Northlands.
The Memorial in the Field at Sibsey Northlands.

An appeal has been launched for a new memorial stone to honour the crew of the Lancaster who died when their aircraft crashed in a field at Sibsey Northlands in 1943.

The Sibsey Lancaster Memorial Trust launched the Ribbon of Remembrance 2018 appeal last week.

They are hoping to raise £2,500 for the new commemorative stone to be added to the Ribbon of Remembrance at the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincoln.

The stone will carry the names of the crew who perished when Lancaster ED503 was lost. Five of the crew are buried where they fell.

Donations will go towards the costs of producing the memorial stone - with any additional funds being used for the ongoing maintenance of the Memorial in the Field at Sibsey.

To donate to the appeal visit