Apple at core of church services

The Rev Charles Sowden with his iPad.
The Rev Charles Sowden with his iPad.
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ONE of this year’s ‘must-have’ gadgets is set to bring preaching the gospel into the 21st Century at churches in our patch.

The Rev Charles Sowden is swapping his Bibles, prayer and service books for a single Apple iPad tablet.

The priest is planning to use the state-of-the-art device as a multi-purpose aid during his services at Wyberton and Frampton churches.

The idea is to free himself from the weighty assortment of texts he usually has to bring to church, which leave him, he says, ‘looking like you should be carrying a trolley with you’.

“Some people say it as a gimmick, but it’s to make my life easier. If it does that, it’s worthwhile, if not, then it’s back to the books,” he said.

Mr Sowden looked into the idea of getting an iPad after a friend showed him an Apple iPhone with a Bible application (or ‘app’) on it.

The iPad joins his iPhone in terms of cutting-edge technology ready to help him tend to his flock, with the devices loaded with four translations of the Bible ready to offer a different slant on passages.

“Jesus used every means at his disposal to preach the gospel and we in the 21st century tend to fight shy of technology and things that well help,” he said.

The iPad went on sale in the UK in late May, with people queuing overnight to be among the first to own one.

Mr Sowden has yet to use the device in a service, but expects it to make its debut sometime before Christmas.

“I have played with it, now I have to have the courage to put in on the lectern,” he said.

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