Authorities are ‘working closer for a better deal’ over the EU

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

Boston and Skegness MP Matt Warman has defended his use of the word ‘gamble’ and vowed to continue to work towards the ‘best deal for Boston and Skegness’ following the results of the referendum.

Following the result Mr Warman posted a statement on Facebook that began ‘Britain has decided to gamble on Brexit’ – which a number of Facebook users disagreed with.

Mr Warman told The Standard: “Everyone who was paying close attention to the debate realised there were risks and rewards of both staying and leaving. I took the view that people would weigh up those risks and make an informed choice.”

He said he would now continue working towards the best deal for Boston and Skegness, and even raised a question in the House of Commons on Monday asking Prime Minister David Cameron if Government would act on promises to reform immigration and increase spending on the NHS.

Mr Warman said Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to stand down now will provide ‘sensibile stability in what wil be a tumultous time’.

He added: “We have to make sure the process of coming out is as beneficial as possible and negate the risks as much as possible.”

Mr Warman added he was ‘heartened’ by the fact there were no incidents of disorder in the town on polling day and praised Boston Stump for organising an ‘important’ service to bring people together.

A joint statement from Leader of Boston Borough Council Coun Peter Bedford and its chief executive Phil Drury called on peopleto ‘come together’ now that the vote had taken place.

It said: “The referendum question has brought about passionate debate and argument on all sides and we respect the people’s decision.

“What is important is that we come together to ensure that our communities, the economy and the future are both bright and positive.

“This applies throughout the UK but nowhere more so than this great borough.”

St Botolph’s Church will be holding its Service of Friendship on Sunday, July 3, at 4pm. It will be followed by afternoon tea.