BEM for former Boston Mayor

BEM is a ribbon shared - Clarry and Audrey Atterby.
BEM is a ribbon shared - Clarry and Audrey Atterby.

A former Mayor of Boston, Clarry Atterby, 89, was awarded the BEM in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his voluntary political service.

Clarry, who is president of Boston Conservative Association, celebrated his platinum wedding anniversary with wife Audrey in March this year – and says the medal is an honour he will share with his wife of 70 years.

I am rather proud of it, actually, very pleased.

Clarry Atterby

“It has been very much a joint effort with my wife, all the work we have done for the party,” he said. “We shall have to share the ribbon. All through our political lives we have always done these things together and she was a very good mayoress.”

Clarry has known about the award since May 1 but, in keeping with tradition, he’s kept it secret until the honours list was officially announced.

He says the few people he’s told so far are delighted for him.

“I am rather proud of it, actually, very pleased,” said Clarry.

He expects to receive the BEM at a local ceremony – perhaps from the Lord Lieutenant of Lincolnshire.

“I doubt it will be a Buckingham Palace job,” he said.

Clarry served on the borough council for 14 years, becoming mayor in 1968, and was also an alderman, a title that disappeared with the 1974 reorganisation of local government.

He said: “I have worked for the Conservative Party for 60 years.”

He’s also a long standing member of Lindis Lodge of Freemasons.

Clarry and Audrey are well known for the businesses they ran in the town’s Emery Lane.

Clarry took over his father’s gentleman’s outfitters, Atterby and Young, while Audrey, 88, ran a children’s clothes shop called Young Ones.

They retired 25 years ago and have three sons, 11 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren with another great grandchild on the way.