Bid to set carbon neutral target for Boston Council is put on hold

Carbon neutral target bid for council adjourned
Carbon neutral target bid for council adjourned

Moves to set a cabon neutral target for Boston Council were put on hold last night.

Two proposals for the council to commit to carbon neutrality by either 2050 or 2030 were adjourned for a scrutiny committee to examine first before bringing it back to full council.

Cllr Anne Dorrian (BIG) had proposed that the council to be carbon neutral by 2030, while Conservative Cllr Paul Skinner said that the target should be 2050.

It was agreed the issue should be debated first by the environment and performance scrutiny committee.

Cllr Spencer suggested the scrutiny committee examine the data first, saying: “We shouldn’t adopt a strategy without a plan. We need to know what we can achieve before we set a target.”

Cllr Dorrian agreed provided “the can is not kicked down the road”. Cllr Spencer agreed a plan was needed this year.

It was agreed that the scrutiny committee should consider the issue at its next available meeting (likely to be September 24) with a progress report in November and a final report before the council at its meeting on January 20.

Mayor, Cllr Anton Dani, floated the idea that perhaps Boston could enjoy a “green Sunday” every three months with a total ban on traffic in the town centre.