Blista hope this Axe is on fire for anniversary


POPULAR Boston rock band Blista will be celebrating a musical milestone at Boston’s Axe and Cleaver.

The seven-piece – who can claim to have supported punk outfit The Stranglers – have been gigging at the town venue for 10 years.

And they will be celebrating a decade of rocking out the Axe by the only way they know how – putting on a show.

“Hopefully, most people have enjoyed our brand of pop/punk/rock. We do seem to be have been awfully lucky and have only ever had a packed house to play at in the Axe,” said singer and guitarist Mark Blackburn, who is inviting fans – new and old – to come to the show on June 17.

“Hopefully, we can pack the Axe for our 10th anniversary – it would be awesome to think that anyone that has ever seen us can come down and celebrate this evening with us.”

Blista may have been formed 39 years after the Rolling Stones – who are, of course, still going strong – but they are extremely proud of their longevity in the local music scene.

Since 2001, the covers band have played 61 gigs at the West Street venue, 58 as Blista, two under the name Foos Tribute and one as Songs of Leon.

They have a back catalogue of 130 popular rock classics – meaning every show offers something completely different.

Despite going through several changes over the years, Blista’s current line-up is Maf Blakey (guitars), Nick Blakey (guitars), Mark Blackburn (vocals, bass, guitars), Luke Blakey (bass), Yanna Lawson (vocals), Kane Storr (drums) and Alex Baggot (drums).

After playing hundreds of gigs since their inception, Blista have plenty of fond memories, although their favourites are supporting The Stranglers and three well-received shows at Boston’s now-defunct Party in the Park.

Supporting Blista will be The Godammnits and The Alter Egos, bands which includes Blista’s two drummers.