Book prize perfect for Keith

Butterfly Hopsice prize
Butterfly Hopsice prize

A FORMER Boston resident who assisted in the building of the Starlight Room extension at the Boston Gliderdrome won the Butterfly Hospice shop competition for the last copy of local author Dave Peatling’s book Goin’ to the Dance, his personal history of the venue.

Keith Smith has lived in Corby for 40 years, although he returns to Boston to see relatives on a regular basis. It was on one of those visits a couple of years ago that he first heard about the book, but was unable to get a copy as it was out of print.

When he found out about the competition he bought some tickets and was delighted to hear he had won. “I used to work for Richmond’s and was involved in erecting some of the steelwork for the new building,” he told Dave when he arrived at the Hospice shop to have the book presented to him (see left).

“I also knew several of the local bands which appeared there in the early Sixties, so am pleased to finally get my hands on a copy.”

After signing the book for Keith, Dave commented “It’s a little ironic that someone who actually had a hand in building the dance hall was the winner and I’m pleased it went to someone who really wanted it.”