Borough council issues advice ahead of severe weather expected tonight

Weather warning
Weather warning

Boston Borough Council has issued advice for the severe weather expected tonight (Tuesday), which could see westerly winds of up to 75mph hit the area between midnight and 6am tomorrow (Wednesday).

The Met Office has issued an amber warning of the approach of Storm Aileen, with national advice being given on which roads to avoid.

Boston Borough Council has asked residents who have refuse collections tomorrow to ensure their bin lids are firmly shut and not to put out any bagged side waste, but keep it until their next collection.

Further advice is as follows:

Before the severe weather

• Put garden furniture, including trampolines, away or secure as much as possible. Keep all doors and windows locked – both on sheds and your home.

• When parking up tonight, park out of the way of any trees. If possible park in a garage and secure the doors.

• Keep an eye on local weather reports or visit

• If you must travel, drive slowly and sensibly and choose the safest routes.

During/After the severe weather

• Help is available. Call 101 if you spot a tree blocking a footpath or road

• Call 105 if you have a power cut or have seen damaged power lines

• Call 999 in an emergency

• If you are travelling, take extra care on exposed routes or near the coast

• Remember if visibility is reduced, use your fog lights and double the distance you leave between you and the car in front (stopping distances are increased on wet roads)

• Be conscious of any debris in the road – drive appropriately

If necessary:

• The emergency services are very busy - only call for immediate assistance if there is a risk to life or serious property or environmental damage

Tomorrow morning

• If you are without power, call 105

• If you spot a tree down on a road or footpath, call 101

• If you’re on your way to work, be conscious of any debris which might have blown into the road.

• Roads may be wet, or covered in leaves, so drive sensibly, leaving extra spaces between you and the car in front

• Fallen trees will be dealt with on a priority basis i.e. those on the busiest roads will be dealt with first

• Trees on private property are the land owners responsibility.

For further guidance visit: