Boston avoids shelling out thousands to update parking machines for new £1 coin

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

While many local authorities are facing a hefty bill to update their car parking machines in time for the introduction of the new £1 coin, Boston Borough Council won’t be spending a penny.

When installing the new machines last year, it was aware of the changes with the new 12-sided coin so they are all set up and ready to accept them.

It is costing neighbouring East Lindsey District Council £5,350 to update their 75 machines.

The new coin comes into circulation in March.

Sleaford-based North Kesteven District Council has 13 machines and the authority said it will cost about £2,500 to update them.

The current £1 coin will be in circulation until Sunday, October 15, when it will be demonetised.