Boston beats off its French ‘twin’ rivals in Laval

Laval visit
Laval visit

FORTY sportsmen and women from Boston have returned victorious from their bi-annual visit to Boston’s twin town of Laval, in France.

The groups, including Boston swimming and tennis clubs and the Pilgrim Bowmen of Boston, competed in their three sports.

They succeded in beating their French rivals in swimming and archery – retaining the Valentine Cup won last year in Boston.

“It is quite unusual to beat the home teams, so they did very well.” said Ian Clayton, chairman of the Boston International Committee, which organises the visits.

Speaking of the local people of Laval, he added: “They are generous to a fault and are so keen to demonstrate there culinary skills and their wonderful country.”

Boston’s twinning with Laval dates back to 1958.

It is believed to be one of the oldest twinnings in Europe with the original basis for the link being competitive sport.

The cup will next be contended at the end of July 2012, when Laval visits Boston.

For information about how to get involved with the Laval link contact 01205 363976.