Boston Borough Council’s ‘clean bill of health’ in time for new start

A ‘CLEAN bill of health’ was given to Boston Borough Council just in time for the newly-elected members to take up appointments at its annual general meeting.

The Boston Improvement Board declared it would not have to meet again after questioning new council leader Coun Peter Bedford, chief executive Richard Harbord and other officers.

Coun Bedford said the timing could not have been better.

“It’s excellent news – we have a new council, a clean bill of health and a new start,” he said.

Councillors met on Wednesday to approve the leadership, committee and external organisation membership.

Most items were passed without contest, although there were three votes for amendments to Witham Fourth Internal Drainage Board,

There were also minor disagreements over Health Overview and Scrutiny, Wash and Norfolk Coast SAC and Wash Estuary Strategy.

However these were all voted down.