Boston boy lands top role in Will Ferrell’s new comedy Holmes and Watson

Codie-Lei with his dad Grant on their way down to the film set in London. Image supplied.
Codie-Lei with his dad Grant on their way down to the film set in London. Image supplied.

Landing a role in a Hollywood film is something most actors can only dream of - but a Boston boy has done just that - on his first ever audition.

Codie-Lei Eastick has been cast in the new Will Ferrell comedy Holmes and Watson - which is currently filming in London.

AKP Management's headshot of Codie-Lei Eastick.

AKP Management's headshot of Codie-Lei Eastick.

He is playing Young Watson - with Hollywood actor John C Reilly playing the older Watson alongside Will Ferrell’s Holmes. The film, which is set to hit UK screens in December, is a humourous take on the much-loved detective series by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Speaking to the Standard from his hotel room in London, Codie-Lei said: “I was over the moon as I really didn’t expect to land the part.”

The Fishtoft Academy pupil has been involved in amateur dramatics since age seven, performing at Blackfriars Theatre and in Lincoln - but Holmes and Watson was his first ever audition.

“When we got that call to say he had the part, I was so pleased, but not that surprised as I have always had confidence in Codie,” said proud dad Grant Eastick, 35.

“The producers said they loved him and wanted us to go down to film studios in London for another audition - where he got down to the last two. We then went over to Pinewood Studios to meet the director.”

He added: ”We are told that Will Ferrell himself had seen Codie’s audition tape and was very impressed.”

Codie’s mum Lucy Eastick said: “I’m the world’s proudest mum - he’s my miracle and star.”

It is a double success for Boston - as Codie’s agent is also local to the town - having only launched her management agency a few weeks ago.

Abi Kingsley-Parker, from AKP Management, put Codie forward for the role. He was one of a few invited to submit an audition tape - which Abi filmed with Codie and sent to producers in America.

“Codie-Lei is not only a naturally-gifted actor and performer, he is a very dedicated and intelligent one - and a genuinely lovely boy too,” she said.

“I had no hesitation in putting him forward to be considered for the role and was absolutely delighted when he was successfully cast.

She added: “I am so very proud of him, as are all his extremely-supportive family and friends, including his school Fishtoft Academy who are with him every step of the way.”

Codie is now keen to build on his acting career - and is continuing his studies at AKP Performing Arts in Boston where he has excelled in his London Academy of Dramatic Arts exams.

Grant added: “All the crew were fantastic with the kids and the food on-set was amazing. I’ve thanked my baby boy for letting me share the amazing experience with him.

“This is hopefully the start of him becoming a star.”