Boston busker is not for all

Review by Daniel Jaines

BOSTON busker Dean Riches and friends, AKA Creepy Cool and the Poor Geezers, have released another CD in his own style.

Recorded in his kitchen with Creepy on the guitar, the bass, the drums and the vocals... oh and Eagle Spits, AKA Gary Eagling, rapping in some of the songs... you can tell that Poor Man’s Blues, is a home made CD.

The acoustic, folk pop singers album appears to be a window into the world of Creepy Cool and his friends and the lives they have led and the thoughts they have on love and war.

Sometimes dark and slow and other times bouncy and with a fun rhythm, the songs all still have, in one way or another, a darker aspect to them.

Creepy’s distinctive voice comes through with elements of his hometown accent constantly in the songs with just a light sprinkling of swear words, but there are some good songs on the album.

A couple of my favourites are his cover of Streets of London, Poor Boy and One Flesh - which features Eagle Spits rapping.

It’s not for everyone but if you like local music from local people with stories to tell then Poor Man’s Blues could be for you.

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