Boston custody suite to expand with cells refurbishment

More prisoners could soon be held at Boston Police Station when the custody suite is extended to include four more cells.

Plans have been revealed to increase the number of cells at the station from 10 to 14 when the site undergoes a refurbishment in the coming months.

The work, which police claim will bring the facility up to standard, will mean people arrested in Boston will have to be taken to Spalding while it takes place.

Insp Keith Smy said it would be a benefit of working with private firm G4S, which has come under fire recently for issues with Olympic security provision.

He added: “As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain effective police operations and a physical presence in Boston we are already committed to undertake refurbishment work inside Boston Police Station and the existing custody area.”

An application for the work is yet to be decided by planning authority Boston Borough Council, but Insp Smy said it was liklely it would take place over the new year period.

The custody suite at Spalding will be re-opened for the duration of the work, after it closed earlier this year. All prisoners have been brought to Boston since then.

The custody suite at Boston police station became the main unit for the area when cells at Spalding station were mothballed.

The closure came following a pilot scheme to combine services from the two areas, in which people arrested in the Spalding area were brought to Boston.
It was part of a cost-cutting pilot to determine whether or not the area could cope with one facility. 
Despite ‘teething problems’ the trial was deemed a success and Spalding’s facility was mothballed.