Boston eatery to offer free meals to homeless, vulnerable, and elderly on Christmas Day

T's Pitstop at the Boston Shopping Park.
T's Pitstop at the Boston Shopping Park.

A outdoor eatery in Boston is offering a free hot meal and drink, plus pudding, on Christmas Day for people who might otherwise go hungry.

T’s Pitstop, based at the Boston Shopping Park, in Horncastle Road, will be open on Tuesday from 9am to 12pm for the homeless, vulnerable, and elderly.

People will be able to get a hot meal, a hot drink, and a pudding free of charge.

There will also be a goody bag to take home.

The business is run by husband-and-wife team Alan and Tina Bolland.

Tina said she had been moved by the sight of rough sleepers in the town.

She said: “I just wanted to help make their Christmas a little bit better. I know it won’t put a roof over their heads, but it will get a bit of good food in their stomachs.”

The gesture has attracted donations from businesses on the shopping park and beyond, for which the couple give their thanks.