Boston enjoyed the warmest August for three years although without much sun

IT MAY not have seemed the case, but last month was the warmest August in three years, according to town weather supremo Albert Kirkham.

Boston folk enjoyed a mean maximum temperature of 22.8C (72.9F) over the month, which is 1.7C above the average.

Even the coolest mean termperature was above the average, at 13.3C (55.6F) – against an average of 11.7C (52.8F).

The warmest day was August 18, when the mercury hit 29.4C (85F) – pretty balmy compared to the lowest temperature of 5.6C (42C) on August 31.

Despite the warm days, the area was comparatively lacking in sunshine, with 191.4 hours. The average is 211 hours. The sunniest day was August 9, when residents enjoyed 12.8 hours of rays.

However, the warm weather was punctuated by a number of heavy, thundery downpours, bringing 54.9,mm (2.16ins) of rain over 17 days.