Boston flood fundraising group wants to raise £100k

Mark Douglass and Mark Whelan who set up the 'Get Boston Back On It's Feet' Facebook page.
Mark Douglass and Mark Whelan who set up the 'Get Boston Back On It's Feet' Facebook page.

Organisers of a Facebook group set up to help victims of the floods have thanked volunteers and fundraisers – and now aim to raise £100,000.

Mark Whelan set up the Get Boston Back On Its Feet page after the floods hit the town to try to encourage a community effort to help those affected.

He soon recruited Mark Douglass and several others to help run the group.

Mr Whelan said: “It’s going extremely well, people are volunteering in their masses. They are the backbone of the community.”

Mr Douglass added: “The volunteers have been what really makes this a community effort.”

The group has been overseeing the volunteer efforts as well as organising the fundraising drive with the Boston Flood Appeal.

The cash will be distributed by a community panel with the money targeted towards the most at-risk and in-need groups, allowing them to return to their homes.

The money has been raised by various events and collections held by volunteers such as at the Boston and District Scout and Guide Christmas carol service and Boston Rugby Club’s clash against Grimsby.

The group’s own Just Giving page had raised £1,620 at the time of publication.

Boston borough councillor Mike Gilbert – himself affected by the flood – has pledged his support to the group.

The organisers are also hoping to hold a Christmas party featuring various live acts for the children affected by the floods.

The two Marks say they hope to carry on the group well after the initial recovery is finished.

Mr Whelan said: “The authorities can only do so much, but the volunteers have come through and done an amazing job.”

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