Boston Gliderdrome book is just the ticket

THERE was quite a surprise for one of the volunteers at the Butterfly Hospice Trust shop in Emery Lane.

She noticed a customer viewing some of the many books on sale and reminded her that there was a further selection upstairs and asked the name of the author she was looking for.

The woman – by her accent, Australian – replied that she couldn’t remember the author’s name but knew the book was titled Goin’ to the Dance.

“Oh,” exclaimed helper Muriel Peatling. “That’s my husband’s book about Boston Gliderdrome!”

She explained that the shop didn’t have a copy of the book but she knew it was out of print as all copies had been sold.

The customer, on holiday visiting her brother, was hoping to find the book and had looked in several charity shops without success.

Her mother had one, she said, and she’d looked at her copy as it brought back so many memories of her visits to the venue before she moved abroad.

But, as Muriel informed her, there will be a copy of the book available towards the end of the year as her husband David had decided to donate the final one – which he had been holding back – to the charity’s annual Christmas raffle.

Tickets for this will be available nearer Christmas and the woman left the shop promising to make sure her brother would be visiting as soon as they were on sale to buy some tickets!

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