Boston man sentenced following pensioner manslaughter

A Boston man who killed a 72-year-old pensioner with a single blow was today jailed for three years at Lincoln Crown Court after admitting manslaughter.

Russell Read struck Joao Costa a blow of ‘moderate force’ which caused his head to jerk back and led to bleeding on the brain.

Mr Costa, who lived in Porcher Way, Boston, fell to the ground but was able to get up before collapsing. He died two days later in hospital.

The incident took place in Boston Bus Station in the early hours of May 11 after both men had earlier been in a bar in the town.

Read, who estimated he had drunk 14 pints, was arrested but fell asleep after being placed in the back of a police vehicle.

The 38-year-old, of Castle Street, Boston, denied the murder of Joao Costa between May 11 and 14 this year, but admitted manslaughter.

Judge Michael Heath said it was not clear what led up to the incident but both men and an eye witness had been drinking.