Boston Mayor offers condolences to victims of the marathon explosions

Boston Mayor Coun Colin Brotherton
Boston Mayor Coun Colin Brotherton

Boston’s Mayor has expressed his ‘sincerest sadness’ to the victims of yesterday’s marathon explosions in Boston Massachusets.

Coun Colin Brotherton said: “I speak, as brother Mayor of Boston, Lincolnshire, for all residents in the mother Boston to express sincerest sadness and condolences for the tragedy which has befallen our daughter city.

“The strong links we have, dating back to the founding of the city by Bostonians who travelled there from Lincolnshire in the 1630s, has meant that this outrage has resonated all the more in our small town.

“We have always been very proud to have an association with Boston, Massachusetts. So this outrage has come as a great shock to us here, even more so for it to have taken place at such a peaceful event such as your marathon.

“The thoughts and prayers of the people of the mother Boston are with the people of the daughter Boston.

He added: “I know that the fortitude of the founders will be reflected in the city residents of today and they will overcome this adversity.”

For more local reaction on the tragedy, see tomorrow’s Boston Standard newspaper.