Boston ‘no urinating’ poster sparks debate

No urinating poster
No urinating poster

A poster that politely asks people not to urinate in the street in Boston has already gone down well with businesses.

Last week we featured the eye catching posters put up by councillors Carol Taylor and Mary Wright – which aimed to target the problem in and around Wormgate.

The posters show a ‘banned’ symbol over the silhouette of a male figure urinating with a short message inEnglish, Polish, Latvian, Russian and Portuguese.

Since the posters went on offer they have been snapped up by a pub, a restaurant and shops.

Coun Taylor said: “We have agreed to give the poster campaign three months to see if it has any impact. We would be pleased to have any feedback from those who have had the posters.

“It has been suggested that this problem has been caused by a shortage of public toilets, but this had been going on long before the toilets at the Assembly Rooms closed. Some have said it’s a cultural issue, but I do not believe that any society finds it acceptable to urinate and defecate in public.”

Coun Wright said despite toilets being near the main entrance to Central Park some people still urinated and defecated behind bushes in the park. The pair stressed the problem is not one just affecting Boston.

The poster sparked a big debate - with Coun Taylor appearing on BBC 5Live and readers discussing the issue on our Facebook page.

Comments included:

*Carrie Henson: It’s all well and good having these signs but is anyone actually going to take any notice of them?

*Malc Whiley: Yet another indication if it were ever needed as to how bad the town has become and yet people were clearly upset because someone from out of town dared to suggest that Boston was crap!

*Joanne Pick: Could have sworn it was July not April!

*Jamie Brown: It’s not before time, but it’s too little too late, those responsible have no respect for themselves, others or their surroundings, so a sign makes about as much difference to them as it does telling them not to do it, *Mick Roberts: Isn’t this one of the problems they have been telling us didn’t exist?

*Gemma Mcfly: They need these putting on the Witham and Haven banks as well as they’re public places where I’ve own people to urinate

*Chris Spence: The council have actually paid for these signs? Just how much has that cost to state the obvious? Not to mention the lovely impression it gives of the town to visitors.....

*Tony Taylor Topvalley: Well open more loos in town and make them free aswell,

*Jim Jay: It absolutely isn’t necessary to have these notices - nobody needs to be told, or reminded, that this kind of behaviour is simply unacceptable in any town in any country. Anyone caught doing this kind of thing needs to be taught a short, sharp lesson. However, it’s also unacceptable that ALL members of the foreign community here should be blamed for the bad behaviour of just a few. I certainly would be outraged if anyone were to suggest that because some UK cretins behave like drunken pigs in Spain, Greece, Turkey or Bulgaria then that is how I am also going to carry on. If “WE” are not all like that then why assume that “THEY” all are?

*Laura Bowens: In the West End in London they put discreet, removable urinals out on the streets at night, because, let’s face it, after closing time there isn’t really anywhere to go and it is easy for a man! Maybe that would be a better solution than just signage?