Boston’s food bank set to expand to meet growing demand

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The growing need for food parcels to help those in financial crisis will now see Boston Foodbank expand its services to Sutterton.

The volunteer-run charity gives out food parcels on a voucher scheme to ensure only those most in need receive the help, with increasing numbers being given out.

They now plan to open up a ‘satellite’ service at Sutterton’s St Mary’s Church.

Boston Foodbank’s project manager Ian Evan explained: “We were approached by some of the people there who felt it was something they wanted to do as there was a need for food parcels in the area.

“It will mean that people who are in that area wouldn’t have to travel all the way into Boston or to the bank in Holbeach to get the help.”

The service will launch on Friday, September 5, and will see volunteers man the satellite foodbank from the church on Friday mornings.

Set up a year ago, the foodbank now plans to expand the even further - with a potential delivery service on the cards.

Spokesman Ann Sargeant said: “There’s such a need for the service. But one group we don’t seem to get through to is the elderly. We are now looking into ways we can extend the service out to them.”

Mr Evans added: “We recognise there may be some elderly and house bound people who could do with some support and can’t turn up at the distribution centre with their vouchers. We would like to work with any existing agencies involved in their care to see if we can arrange delivering parcels to them in their homes. I would urge any of the agencies involved to get in touch with me about this.”

Mr Evans said they are also looking at offering a debt counselling service - working with advisory charities Citizens Advice Bureau and Christians Against Poverty.

“It would be to just help manage their finances as a lot of people are struggling with this at the moment,” he added.

The desperate situation of those who seek help at Boston Foodbank was highlighted recently by a couple who walked all the way from Sibsey to pick up food parcels.

The couple arrived at Boston Foodbank in St Christopher’s Church, Fenside Road, on foot with a single push bike to carry the parcels back on.

Spokesman Ann Sargeant said: “If you haven’t got money for food, then you haven’t got any for a bus fare either.

“We have only seen them twice, but although they had three vouchers, they haven’t been back. I hope this means they have managed to find a way out of their problem.”

Another recipient to receive help was an Eastern European man who found himself out of work after his employment contract ended but was left unable to get another job until he received the necessary paperwork.

“He came back in afterwards to tell us when he had managed to get another job,” said Ann.

“We often see people just a couple of times while they are in a crisis and struggling to get back on their feet.”

l To contact the foodbank call Ian on 01205 367400.