Boston’s own Stephen Stray takes up editorship

Boston Standard Editor, Stephen Stray.
Boston Standard Editor, Stephen Stray.

BOSTON-born Stephen Stray has been promoted to editor of the Boston Standard.

After fulfilling the role on a number of occasions in his capacity as deputy, he takes over from Rebekah Gunn, who left the paper a short while ago.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be editor of the Boston Standard and it means so much more with it being my home town paper,” said Stephen, 28.

“Everyone who knows me will know that I care passionately about the paper and also the town it serves.”

He added: “I have lived in this area all my life and have been privileged to spend the last eight years working in newspapers – with most of this time spent right here in Boston, where my journalism career began.”

Stephen lives in the borough, with the majority of his close family also living within the circulation area of The Standard.

He was educated at Boston West and Stickney primary schools before moving on to William Lovell Secondary School and completing his A-levels at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle.

“I am committed to the Boston area and proud of the role The Standard has in the community,” he said. “I am proud of what the paper has helped to achieve over the years, more recently its involvement in saving this year’s Seabank Marathon, celebrating unsung heroes with our Pride of Boston Awards and pushing for a bypass.

“The Standard will continue to be at the forefront of the community, bringing you the stories which affect you and your families. We will also continue to provide hard hitting breaking news, insightful features, a top guide to what’s happening in Boston and the surrounding area, along with excellent sports coverage.”

He added: “I am also keen to see The Standard campaign on your behalf – so if there is an issue you want us to take up then please contact me or one of the reporters.

“I firmly believe The Standard offers unrivalled coverage of the Boston and surrounding areas and as we press ahead into our 100th anniversary year next year, I look forward to this continuing.”

As well as offering the best local content in-paper, The Standard will also continue to increase its online activity – so keep visiting us at

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