Boston school children ‘getting their alcohol from parents’ survey finds as authorities look to CAP underage drinking

Boston Community Police Inspector Andy Morrice. EMN-160725-143542001 EMN-160725-143542001 EMN-160725-143542001
Boston Community Police Inspector Andy Morrice. EMN-160725-143542001 EMN-160725-143542001 EMN-160725-143542001

Underage drinkers in the Boston area are more likely to get their booze from a parent than an off-licence, a recent study has suggested.

A survey of three secondary schools by the Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP), saw 171 children take part – with one class from each school, from each year group involved.

The results showed on average 20.53 per cent of children aged 13-15 were drinking on a weekly basis.

Of these 68.23 per cent stated their parents were giving the alcohol to them.

Just under half (48.34 per cent) of all those surveyed stated they don’t drink at all – leading CAP to conclude 51.66 per cent do.

Only 5.06 per cent said they had been able to obtain alcohol from shops.

CAP which includes police, the council, supermarkets and other authorities aims to cut underage drinking.

In recent weeks, it has focused on underage sales, training off-licences and raising awareness of Challenge 25.

“However, we are also working with all the schools to put together an educational plan which can be consistently delivered in Boston,” said Community Insp Andy Morrice, the police lead on CAP.

CAP will be supplying a number of resources including training packages for teachers, and lesson plans free of charge to the schools.

The partnership will also be visiting parents evenings to speak to parents and hand out a number of resources there.

Mr Morrice added: “We approach not just from an education perspective but also a health perspective, so we have unit counters, calorie counters, impact reports on the NHS, and all sorts of other goodies.”

CAP will also work with youth organisations including clubs and councils to offer and promote diversionary activities for youngsters.

An event on June 2, in Boston Market Place aims to raise awareness of the issues of alcohol.

Mr Morrice added: “CAP is not about banning alcohol, its about raising awareness, ideally working towards an alcohol free childhood, understanding the effects of alcohol on the individual and society, and moderating behaviours.”

l Anyone who is holding activities for young people is asked to contact