Boston school gas leak evacuation involved more than 600 children

School was evacuated for everyone's safety - Adrian Reed.
School was evacuated for everyone's safety - Adrian Reed.

It’s been revealed today (Thursday) that the evacuation of Boston’s Staniland Academy over a gas leak saw more than 600 children and 60 staff going to the safety of a nearby school.

The alarm was raised at about 10am yesterday when there was a smell of gas in the kitchens.

Adrian Reed, executive head of the Witham Academies Foundation, said: “I believe it was quite a strong smell and an assessment was made immediately that this was a potentially hazardous situation.

“The decision was made to evacuate the premises for the safety of the children and of the staff involved.”

He said it was fortunate that Carlton Road Academy – part of the same federation – was able to accommodate everyone straight away.

Mr Reed said there was a leak of gas going into the ovens at Staniland and that was isolated, repaired and made safe before the end of the school day.

Meanwhile around 500 of the Staniland pupils were collected from Carlton Road Academy during the day and taken home by parents or relatives, leaving 100 to go back to Staniland once the gas supply was made safe and to be collected as normal at home time.